Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Car-Ware's CRM module provides valuable assistance in keeping track of customers, lost sales, and continued customer followup and contact.

Our CRM module is able to automatically create follow-up contact points based on your particular criteria. Phone Calls, Emails, Text Messages, Surveys and Snail Mail (US Postal Service) are all generated automatically.

Quick access to customer history and preferences dramatically improves customer satisfaction, increases sales and provides essential detailed customer data for marketing, tracking estimates and reporting, as well as data integration with third-party data vendors. The CRM event screen saves valuable time by enabling you to plan and schedule an entire customer follow-up campaign in advance. Simply select the marketing message you want to send, along with your time frame and the system automatically schedules it for you. Once this one time set up is complete, just go to the CRM Dashboard and print and/or email all the documents for that day.

  • Automatic Follow-up

    system creates them based on events
  • Quick Access

    to customer history
  • Appointments

    for individuals or your entire sales force
  • Daily Task List

    for each employee to manage, or central management
  • Document Manager

    create letters, emails, text messages, phone contacts and surveys