Finance and Insurance

Car-Ware's Finance and Insurance module is the most complete F & I calculator in the industry. It handles tedious calculations for state and local taxes, title and licensing fees, life insurance, accident and health insurance, as well as financing and payment details.

The finance module handles many different payment frequencies (Weekly, Bi-Weeky, Monthly, Monthly Dual Payments, Ford Flex Buy, Semi-Yearly, Yearly) for Retail, Lease, Balloon and Wholesale deals.

Menu selling is completely integrated with ļ¬nance, which means no re-entry in third party programs that may or may not calculate the correct payment to the penny. You can quickly select a menu; show your customer their options, including 3 different rate and term options; select the option the customer wants on the screen; then click SAVE and the deal will be updated with the option selected. No re-entry required!

  • Calculate

    finance, taxes, insurance and fees
  • Pull

    credit from any credit bureau provider
  • Send

    deals to third parties
  • Print

    all forms and required contracts
  • Menu Selling

    offer your customers different add on options